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Flower Essences

I was first introduced to flower essences by the late Beth Tyers. Beth was one of my favourite lecturers at the Lakeland College and she adored flowers and flower essences. She would often be seen walking around the college carrying an enormous bucket of flowers which dwarfed her tiny frame.

Slender Rice FlowerBeth told many stories, the most memorable of which was about J, an irascible and bad tempered old curmudgeon who was transformed into a kindly and spirited elderly gentleman after being given the Australian Bush essence Slender Rice Flower. Another story I remember is of a baby delivered by Ventouse intervention who screamed uncontrollably for several weeks after birth, unable to feed properly or to sleep. In desperation, and after trying a number of homeopathic remedies, Beth suggested that both mother and baby get into a warm bath with some Bach Rescue Remedy in the water. She told the mother to rub it into the baby’s hands and feet. The healing effect was instant, the baby was immediately calmed, fed well and slept throughout the night. The mother was also able to relax and sleep.

Flower essences are extremely powerful, yet they work at a very subtle level to facilitate change and allow transformation to take place at an emotional level. Unlike homeopathic treatment which works on the principle of similars, flower essences flood the body with positive intention. They support us in releasing old patterns of behaviour and restoring the body’s natural flow. As well as being supremely effective in their own right, they are also an excellent support both for homeopathic treatment and EFT.

I use four sets of essences:

Bach Flower Remedies
This is the original set of 38 flower remedies developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. A physician and bacteriologist, Dr Bach came to understand that people respond to illness in many different ways. He noticed that treating the type of person someone is and how they are ‘doing’ their illness brought about much more effective results than simply treating the illness itself.

Bach Flowers

It is from the Bach set that we have Rescue Remedy, also known as Five Flower Remedy, made from Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose & Clematis and invaluable in treating the effects of shock and trauma.

Australian Bush EssencesAustralian Bush Essences
These have been developed by Ian White, whose family have been herbalists for several generations. Because of the warmer, drier climate in Australia, plants tend to be bold & bright with fantastic sounding names like Billy Goat Plum, Fringed Violet & Freshwater Mangrove. Like the Bach essences, they address underlying emotional issues. However, they also encompass a much broader range of issues which include those relevant to modern day life.

Bailey Essences
Developed in Yorkshire by the late Arthur Bailey these essences are quintessentially English. They are stunningly powerful yet gentle and yielding, willing to show us the way forward yet never pushy or overpowering.

St John's Wort As well as helping straightforward emotional states their sphere of action also encompasses attitudes of mind and old conditioned patterns which may be holding us back or causing dis-ease in the physical body.

As well as single essences, the Bailey range also includes a very easy to use set of combination essences with names such as Anger & Frustration, Depression & Despair, Fears, Grief, Sadness & Loneliness, Self Esteem and Transition. I have found that Grief essence works like no other in helping us to come to terms with loss. Its four components, Yorkshire Fog, Dog Rose, Sheep’s Sorrell and Trailing St John’s Wort encourage us to shed tears, allow love in, let go of bitterness and resentment, and promote emotional healing.

Alaskan Essences
This is undoubtedly my favourite range of essences. Alaska is one of the few places on earth where there are areas still untouched by human intervention. This coupled with a very short, fast growing season for flowers and almost 24 hour daylight in summer gives the essences a very special and supremely powerful quality. The Alaskan range is the only one to incorporate gem elixirs and environmental essences as well as flower essences. Each of these elements has a unique part to play in the healing process:

• Flowers stimulate the process of change and transformation
• Gem elixirs work on the structure of the body, they provide the strength to sustain changes, support us
as we go through those changes and create enough stability within our bodies to keep us balanced throughout
• Environmental essences offer us the energy we need to make the changes initiated by the flowers

In 2006 I was privileged to be a participant at a memorable week’s practitioner training with Steve Johnson, founder of the Alaskan Essences, on the remote Scottish island of Gigha. During that week, the group supported Steve in making the environmental essence Gigha Quartz, which is now available as one of the Alaskan research essences.

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