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Earth Energy Healing

What are earth energies and how do I know if I’m affected by them?
Ideally, we experience our home as a place where we feel comfortable and at ease, where we can relax, rest and sleep peacefully. In other words, where we literally feel ‘at home’. Sadly, in many cases the opposite is true. Research has shown that geopathic stress, also known as negative earth energy lines, may be detrimental to a person’s health if it affects their home.

Geopathic StressSo what is Geopathic Stress?
Literally translated GEO means related to the earth and PATHIC, means suffering or dis-ease. So Geopathic Stress represents dis-ease which emanates from the earth. Because the earth is magnetic, it emits a natural radiation. Areas of harmful geopathic stress may occur where this natural radiation becomes distorted as a result of weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean water, mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. This may be exacerbated by the effects of electromagnetic energy emitted from electricity pylons, power stations, communication masts, wi-fi devices, computers, televisions, microwaves and telephones – both mobile and DECT.

A person who is sensitive to this may experience a constant draining of their energy, a bit like pouring water into a sieve and feeling it leaking out through the holes. It has also been observed that treatment for some conditions may be less effective if an individual lives or works in an area affected by geopathic stress.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself:
• Do you feel unsettled, or emotionally drained in your home but you can’t quite put your finger on why that is?
• Do you feel fine when you’ve been away but experience a dip in energy levels when you arrive home?
• Are there are rooms in your house you would prefer not to spend time in?
• Has your relationship with your partner or your family become stressed?
• Do you find yourself lacking in energy or have a poor attention span?
• Have you noticed a change in your own or a family members overall wellbeing since moving to your current house?
• Did the previous occupants of the house enjoy good health?
• Are you aware of other ‘presences’ in your home which you experience as unhelpful or uncomfortable?
• Is your house on the market and is either not selling, or sales keep falling through for no apparent reason?

Similarly here are some things you may like to consider if you run a business:
• Do you own a business whose premises never feel quite ‘right’?
• Are there areas in your business premises where staff don’t want to work or where a lot of accidents and/or arguments occur?
• Are there areas your customers avoid, or where goods will not sell?
• Do you run a hotel which has rooms your guests never want to sleep in? Or always complain about?
Or your staff never want to be alone in?
• Are you a landlord or letting agent and you notice that some properties have an extraordinarily high turnover of
tenants for no apparent reason? Or certain properties where there are constant mishaps?
• Do you own or manage a historic property/stately home which you feel is weighed down by the energy of its ancestors?
• Are you an estate agent with properties on your books which have been on the market for months, or even years?
Do you despair of ever selling them?!

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may find your home or business premises has an earth energy problem.

If I think I have an earth energy problem, can it be checked out?
Yes. I use dowsing to identify whether or not a property is affected by earth energy lines. I also check for unhelpful presences and objects as well as potentially harmful interference from electrical applications, microwave radiation and water.

If there is a problem, will it be necessary for you to visit the premises?
No. I will ask you to let me have a floor plan of your house or business premises and I will work from that.

Once a problem has been identified, can it be corrected?
Yes. I use a spiritual healing process to change the quality of any negative earth energy lines and to remove any unhelpful presences.

What do I do if I want my house or business premises ‘health checked’?
If you think you may have a problem with earth energies or geopathic stress, please email me and give me a brief outline of the situation.

Geopathic Stress DiagramIn the case of residential properties, I will need a sketch plan of the ground floor of your house on a sheet of A4 with your name & address shown at the top & an arrow showing which way is north. This may be posted, faxed or emailed. To email it, either scan the drawing into your computer or photograph it using a digital camera & send it as a .jpg attachment. In the case of business premises, a larger plan may be required. Please contact me to discuss this before sending a plan.

Rather than charge a fixed fee, I generally request a donation for this type of work. This allows it to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances. It includes a monthly check of the earth energies for a year after the healing work has been carried out.

Please email me or call 01225 870198 for details.
Through her earth energy healing work, Alison transformed my disaster prone, sad, negative and lifeless house into a home full of love, warmth, positive energy and optimism. I can't thank her enough for the wonderful work she did in making the house into a lovely home for me to live in. SP

About 5 years ago I asked Alison Wilding to ‘survey’ the house that we were moving into for geopathic stress & she found a negative energy line running through part of it. After she had worked on it I found the energy of the place greatly changed & the potential of our new home was realised. My energy levels take a nose dive with such geopathic stress lines & Alison’s highly effective work has turned around a potential miserable time for me. I highly recommend her earth energy healing, she has made such a huge difference in my life. KF

After moving house in February my sleeping pattern went completely out of synch and I would either wake up every hour throughout the night or wake at 3.30am and not be able to go back to sleep. After asking Alison to do some earth energy work it was bliss to wake up in the morning and realise I had slept through the night and felt a million dollars! I can’t thank you enough Alison. HM

My experience of Alison's earth energy work was astonishingly effective. I had been having a problem with unwanted events in the house and its environment. Alison was able to dowse over a diagram of my house and effect a clearing for me. I have not had a recurrence of the problem and there was a definite lightening of the atmosphere in the house. LL

Our old shop premises and flat had been up for sale for about 12 months when Alison did some earth energy healing. Within a week we had an offer!! It was a very old building and the healing brought out the best of the place. The energy of it changed, the atmosphere felt lighter. It just seemed to shine. Our current home is next to a derelict building and was built on its kitchen garden. My daughter is happier after the healing as she was sensing a little girl’s energy - this has settled down. There was a spirit passing the front window every lunch time, he seemed in a hurry with lots to see to, he hasn't passed since the healing. The place has seemed much more peaceful and content, we feel lucky and blessed. The energy work has been fantastic. CL

After we had the house extended we both felt that somehow the energy was different and wasn’t as good as it had been previously. We contacted Alison because we knew of her earth energy healing work. Her work made a tremendous difference to the house; so much so that after my wife moved her business to our home even her clients commented on how good the energy was and how peaceful it felt. Thank you Alison for your good work! CA

I felt much more comfortable in my own home after Alison had done her earth energy healing. MC

I spoke to Alison because there was a section on my allotment where nothing ever grew. She suggested a healing of the land which I agreed with. The following season it produced excellent crops. I have been known as a person with tunnel vision on some subjects but my views about Alison’s work are very strong and totally open. SB

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