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Clutter Clearing

Trash CanClear your clutter, change your life…..
A natural extension of my passion for homeopathy and earth energy healing is clutter clearing. Healing is about restoring a natural flow of energy. The opposite of flow is congestion, and clutter is a great example of this. Once we start decluttering and restoring order in our homes, we begin to feel more energised and this has a positive effect in other areas of our lives too.

Our homes are an outward reflection of our inner selves. If they are clean, clear and well organised, our lives and our energy will tend to flow smoothly and easily. Do you feel so embarrassed by the state of your house that you don’t invite people round? Do you find yourself constantly apologising for the mess? What does this do for your self esteem? How does it affect the relationship between you and your partner? Releasing what we no longer need from our homes frees up vast amounts of energy and improves the quality of our life overall.

Think back to a time when you had a good clearout. You got rid of what you no longer needed - maybe you took some stuff to the charity shop or to the tip, or gave something you no longer use to a friend.

Remember how you felt? Lighter, energised, motivated?

Imagine how you might feel if you had the courage to let go of all the possessions you no longer use. In her book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston describes four categories of clutter:

1. Things you no longer use or love. Those clothes you know you’ll never wear again?
1. The pictures or ornaments you can’t stand the sight of and groan every time you see them?

2. Things which are untidy or disorganised. Do you have a proper filing system?
1. Can you find your most recent bank statement? Your spare car keys?
1. Your driving licence? An envelope? A pair of scissors?

3. Too many things in too small a space.
1. Do you have two of everything but can’t find anything?
1. You can only accommodate what you can physically fit into your home.

4. Anything unfinished. The coat with the missing button - which you can’t now find, the shoes which need repairing,
1. the clothes waiting to go to the dry cleaners, the pile of ironing, the dripping tap, the loose door handle,
1. the drawer you can no longer open, the computer which doesn’t work.

Other Types of Clutter
As well as our physical clutter, we also carry around with us mental, emotional and spiritual clutter.

Mental Clutter
Look at your computer. How easily can you find things? Are there loads of old documents which could be deleted? Do you have lists going round inside your head of things of which you should do? Are there things you never get round to? Is your life submerged by mental chatter as well as actual clutter?

Emotional Clutter
Think of all the unexpressed hurts, griefs, traumas, angers and fears. Remember the dreams you had as a youngster which you’ve not yet fulfilled.

Spiritual Clutter
Are your beliefs and value systems really yours or did you inherit them? Do your habits and behaviours match your real values? Are you living your ultimate truth?

Help with Decluttering
If the prospect of decluttering is too daunting to contemplate, or you simply don’t have the energy to tackle it on your own I can help you. I offer a service which may include one or more of the following

• A decluttering coaching service to help you decide what you want to achieve and how to succeed

• Hands on help with decluttering at your home

• Sorting and filing paperwork

• Ongoing telephone support as you continue the decluttering process

• Clearing, or helping you to clear a house following a death

• Helping you to deal with the administration of an estate

I am here to help YOU so we work at whatever pace is comfortable for you.
What to throw away and what to keep is always your decision. The service is confidential.

Empty Trash CanPrices

Hourly rate £30 on a weekday (£45 Weekend)

1 x 7 hour day £180 on a weekday (£270 one weekend day)

2 x 6 hour days £300 for two weekdays (£450 whole weekend)

Areas Covered
I will travel anywhere I can reasonably get to and from Bath in a day.
The prices quoted include travelling costs within a 50 mile radius of Bath, beyond that I charge 50p/mile.
They do not include tolls or parking fees.
If you would like to know more information about the range of consultations available (or to book an appointment), then why not get in touch with me now?

You can call me on:

01225 870198

Alternatively, you can send me an email here or click here to go to the email form on my contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you, even if its just for some informal advice or a quick chat, many thanks.
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